Downloading Free (or not so free) Stuff

I slept in today. I had a class at 10, and I woke up at 9, fell back asleep, and woke up again at 10:15. I probably should have gone anyways, but I just didn’t want to walk in late. Now, however, it’s 10:40, and I’m already regretting not going, but now it’s for sure too late. The annoying part is, I was up until 2:30 last night reading Paradise Lost for this class, all for nothing.

What are shoulder blades for? I think mine are double jointed.

I’ve got Led Zeppelin playing on winamp, but I can see there’s a bunch of Oasis songs next on my playlist. It’s too early in the morning for Oasis. It’s never too early for Led Zeppelin.

Back to English: I bought the wrong 250 shek book. That’s really annoying, but I’m going to hold on to it for two reasons. One, I’m going to need it next year. All I have to do is try not to lose it for 6 months. Two, they don’t accept returns if you’ve already broken the shrink-wrap seal, though Ari wants me to try saran wrapping it back together and burning the edges, like we used to shaptzer stuff in the army. Ari’s crazy.

Sarra talked about something I had also wanted to write about. She says a lot of good stuff, but her TV-commercial analogy is wrong. Paying for music or software is not the same as watching commercials in exchange for getting the show for free. TV shows don’t “cost” watching 5 minutes worth of commercials. They are broadcasted for free, with the understanding that 5% of the viewers (or however many) will be lazy enough to actually watch them (or in Ari’s case, not change the channel, but turn the volume way down). If this wasn’t so, then we’d be stealing every time we changed the channel during commercials, walked out of the room, or simply stopped paying attention.

But that’s beside the point. You can’t look at downloading software as something that’s wrong, evil, whatever, and then use the fact that “everybody does it” to do it yourself. It’s an evolution in media, and the networks, music industry, and the movie business are going to have to deal with it themselves. Consumers have already adapted, and the only reason there’s such mayhem out in the market today is that distributors haven’t similarly adjusted. They’re too busy with lawsuits. I’m assuming most of the people reading this are about my age, and we’re too young to remember the TV companies saying that VCRs were putting them out of business, or movie theatres and radio saying that TV was putting them out of business, or newspapers saying that radio was putting them out of business. Yet they all survived, because they adapted. And now, music and software companies are going to have to adapt to the internet. Until they do, they’re going to continue to lose money.

Adina and Adina: See? I do pay attention in Galili!



3 thoughts on “Downloading Free (or not so free) Stuff

  1. I bet u pay attention the whole time and just pretend to draw pictures. There is just no other explanation for why you did better than me on that test.
    (btw i am still bitter about that, in case you couldn’t tell)

  2. Youre not 100% correct…The TV people take the nielsen ratings to the advertisers and based on their ratings the price is determined…They know that most or some people will change th channel…If however 1 million people download a TV and therfore dont watch it on TV, the price of the commercials will drop, and teh station will lose money.

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