First Time with the Rock Climb

I went rock climbing today. Not actual rocks, more like walls. I went wall climbing today. I climbed like 5 walls. Now, most of you who may be familiar with my blogging schedule know that I usually post a week or two after an event. You may think that this is to let whatever monumentous occasion it was sink in, but really it’s just because I’m lazy. Yoni, however, posted within minutes of getting home, with a rock-climbing-poem, no less, so I feel obligated to follow suit, though you’ll find no poetry here. My one and only concession to poetry was a month ago, and that’s too often. If I let myself do that too often, I’ll just end up posting song lyrics every other day and call that blogging. Like this guy here (No offence, TRK…).

Back to rock climbing. The first thing that struck me was that adults in the place would trust one eight year old to belay another at heights that would, to say the least, hurt lots.

The gym itself was pretty cool. It was pretty big, had thin meter-wide strips of rock climbing wall all around, of various difficulty. Some of them were absolutely impossible; some of them were pretty easy. At the very end we went up some of the easier walls, because our arms hurt so much from the hard ones (Yoni claims his arms were fine. I don’t believe him.). The last wall we went on was yellow, on a really easy slope and with lots of easy places to grip. This was Yoni:

Yoni climbs wall.

Yoni: This is so easy! It’s like walking up stairs!

Yoni slips and falls down.

Yoni: OK… That was more like falling down stairs.

Me: Ha Ha Ha.

I think I’m going to buy a membership at the place and go more often.



12 thoughts on “First Time with the Rock Climb

  1. Sounds like lots of fun! I went to this day camp when I was younger and they had a small little wall (well back then I thought it was much larger) that my friends and I would climb all the time, I should find a place like that here…

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