People I Hate

I hate people who don’t know how to say phone numbers.

You know exactly what I’m talking about. You ask somebody (usually an Israeli) for their number, and instead of the usual XXX – XXX- XXXX, you get some sort of retarded XXXX – XX – XXXX or something equally random. It needlessly throws you off, and makes you sound like a moron when you ask them to repeat themselves several times. It’s not you who’s the moron, it’s them! Jerks.

Now, I have a feeling I’m about to get pounced on by people who want to defend Israelis. “But it’s not fair to simply expect Israelis to get on board with the American 3 – 3 – 4 system! They have their own way of doing things, and you, Menachem, as an Oleh, should adapt to them. Not the other way around.” Excellent point if Israelis had a pre-existing standard. But they don’t. It’s just a random, chaotic, grouping of ten numbers, any which way you want. It all started, I think, last year, when the phone companies introduced the 10th digit. Before then, everybody was happy, with a standard 3 – 3 – 3 system. But then the new digit comes in, and they put it, of all places, in the fourth slot. Everybody’s screwed.

The thing that really pisses me off? People who think they’re being cute, and say things like ‘twenty one,’ instead of ‘two one.’ What the hell is the point of that? 052 377 2445 (my first Israeli phone number, six years ago, adjusted for the retard digit) is oh five two, three seven seven, two four four five. When you start fooling around with idiot equations like zero fifty two, three seventy seven, twenty four forty five, you end up with impossible numbers like 0502 3707 204405. People who say numbers like that will be the first against the wall when the revolution comes. You know who you are. I will report you if you don’t stop.



15 thoughts on “People I Hate

  1. I actaully enjoy doing that to people. I leave message with my number as 2,485,555,258 or in teh hundreds, Two hundren and forty eight five hiundred fifty five and seven thousand five hundred and forty two. That being said, I would be annoyed if someone did that to me.

  2. I also hate when people do that. I write it down as they give it to me, then I rewrite it after I hang up. Then, I feel like the idiot for not getting the numbers right. You’re right!! They’re the ones who should say it right. It’s not an American system of saying numbers. The 3-3-3 system is a psychologically established grouping method that allows people to better remember numbers. It’s called crunching, and for a medically advanced society like Israel, they should already know this. Venting is fun…

  3. The problem started a couple of years ago when we decided that it would be so much better if every cell phone Co. had the same Area Code (it made sence since we got to the point where I had a phone with 068 – can anyone guess what Co. it was from)

    But those of us who had cell phones already (102% of Israel -that’s not a joke that’s the real no. there are more cell phones than people in this 3rd world country) had to now redo our no.s. and some of us put a lot of thought into making the No. stick (mine was mirror image before the change)

    The truth is that I don’t get it, I changed my no. and I always give it the new way. But I still have problems with my parents No. ever since they added the extra 6 about 10 years ago.

    oh well I guess in a year or two we will get over it and be able to go back to the 3-3-4 system instead of the crazy 4-3-3..

    Thats why I love this country.

    good night

  4. The worst is when someone gives a two-digit number in the teens, like instead of “five-one-eight” they say “five-eighteen”. You already wrote the 8, right after the 5, before they said “teen” and you’re like “where do I put the 1 now?”

    People like Shauli make me sick.

  5. yeah – try making a phone call to israel from america with a number you heard over the answering machine which seems to have an extra digit!
    where did the digit come from?
    operators become confused.
    people are angry because “they always call you long distance”

    well i cant dial a phone number!

  6. So this is how you get them back, once and for all! Listen closely children:

    Let’s say your number is 054-698-1847.

    When this person asks you for your number, you say “054698184—-7.”
    They’ll get confused and ask you repeat it, so you say “054698184″, and just as they say “Wait, that’s one number short” you interrupt with “7″! “What?” he cries, “054698184″ You respond, perfectly naturally, and wait till he’s just about to speak again before you say “7″. And so it continues.

    Carry on till the guy’s in a blithering heap, and then say “054-698-1847″.
    “YOU’RE MISSING A NUMBER” He’ll scream! To which you casually respond “no I’m not, count them”. He will, and will slowly go mad.


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