What to do at a wedding where you don’t know anyone.

I think we’ve all been there. You get invited to a wedding because you know the bride or the groom, but you’re not actually a part of the circle of friends. You get put at a table with other similarly associated people, and nobody at the table knows each other. If this ever happens to you (and if it hasn’t, it will) there’s really only one thing to do; stuff yourself silly.

That’s right, eat like there’s no tomorrow. Cruise the shmorg, eat all the little hot dogs you can, scarf down that shishkabob. When it comes time for the main course, eat quick, and then move to empty seats that haven’t been served yet, and eat some more. Get doubles or triples. Make them pay. And do not go home hungry.



11 thoughts on “What to do at a wedding where you don’t know anyone.

  1. When Natalie and I were dating, we git invited to a wedding of her friends brother. We didnt know him or the girl, but Nat’s friend didn’t know anyone, so she inmvited us. It was the most boriung few hours ever. There was no bar that I remember (or perhaos since we were still dating, I was making a good impression) I basically sat around, and ate….

  2. this is random but i was thinking about transfering to bar ilan and was wondering if you liked it there? im presuming youre from america / uk – correct me if im wrong – very hard change?

  3. yoni, what are you doing? you’re supposed to be eating as quick as possible and then meeting me to go rockclimbing, not blogging. jerk. hurry up.

    now then, diet garage. i dont know where you’re coming from. if you’re coming from a secular college in america, and that’s what you want, that’s not what you’re going to find. if you’re coming from stern queens college or touro or whatever, and you come to bar ilan from there, that’s not the atmosphere you’re gonna find here either.

    for me it wasn’t a hard change at all… i was miserable in america, and i’m only mildly unhappy here. i lead a tragic life, i know.

  4. When I don’t know anyone I make sure to give the chosson a BIG hug, get on the camera as much as possible and make them wonder 6 months down the line…who the hell is that guy??

    Yoni H.

  5. well i hate american culture.
    i cant stand the people i go to school with for the most part.
    i just generally need a change.
    im a rather liberal, moderately religious (in a non-rules oriented sense) thrill seeker.
    and i do go to a secular college.

  6. you seem to have posted that last comment about a week ago… i dont check comments often after they’ve cycled away from the top, so if you have any other questions about bar ilan, feel free to email me. my email’s available on my profile

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