What’s my color?

I’m sure whoever reads this blog knows all about the disengagement, and how the color orange is being used. Meanwhile, those in favor have started using the color blue, with somewhat less success. Orange is the color of the anti-disengagement forces, the “Jews don’t evict other Jews” slogan-chanters. Blue is the color of pro-disengagement “Peace Now” activists.

Until recently, I’ve been pro-disengagement. There’s not much of a connection between Gush Katif and Eretz Yisrael, I believed, and if it could be traded for peace, then so be it. I’ve recently (And by recently, I mean slowly, over much time, and after much thought.) revised my opinion (Read: Changed my mind.) to be anti the current disengagement. Now I think that a unilateral disengagement would only be a reward to terror, and while I still believe strongly in using Gush Katif as currency in barter for peace, we would only be getting ripped off at the present exchange rate.

Here’s my problem, though. I don’t have a color expressing my opinion. Maybe yellow? Grey? Turquoise? Blue is for the people who want to give it all away; I’m not going to wear that. But orange isn’t my color either. It’s hard to find an orange shirt that doesn’t say “Jews don’t evict Jews,” or “Gush Katif is our home,” or some other idea on the never-give-it-away line. I think it can be given away, under the right circumstances. But where do I find somebody giving away centrist yellow T-shirts saying “Jews don’t evict Jews… without guarantees of peace,” or “Gush Katif is our home… until the proper time comes to trade it for a peace agreement?” Nuanced positions lack sound-byte worthy strength, and it’s a shame, because it’s the people holding those positions that can bring the extremists on both sides together.



14 thoughts on “What’s my color?

  1. i thought we had colors already!?! plain old blue and white! the neccesity of choosing colors in this ridiculous color war is driving me mad! we should all remember that we are first and foremost israelis who are all interested in what is best for our country- this country cannot afford building another wall that divides!

  2. I have an orange shirt that just says “students against disengagement”. Doesnt say anythign about my feelings towards any end result peace effort, just that I’m a student, and I’m against the cirrent disengagement plan.
    Also, you really have to watch which color you pick,what with gay pride tomorrow….

  3. krak, have you been drinking again? you need a color, or else your opinion just doesn’t count.

    stillrule (weird calling you that): whatever it says on your shirt, orange stands for a certain idea. and i dont agree with the entirety of that idea.

  4. wow, great article!

    Why not wear an orange shirt with a slogan that better expresses your opinion – then you will be expressing your identification with the current anti-disengagement camp, and will be professing your centrist views to the public.

  5. FANTASTIC post. You show an ability to think, struggle intellectually, and even change your mind.

    Is off-orange a color? I’m thinking you might need to go, lulei demistafina, with plaid.

  6. There are orange Tshirts that read “orange is not a political color” Also, Orange, as you may know, is the new pink which was the new black…very chic…

  7. I hate to be the one to break this to you menachem, but what you’re struggling with is not new. For years now people with your political disorder have had a title – Centralist.

    The problem with centralism though, is that you can’t be an EXTREME centralist. There are no centralist rallies or centralist propaganda machines, and who ever heard of the Centralist Terrorist Faction (or the CTF)

    As a centralist, you seem to have been sentenced to a life of sitting on the fence, and once in a while making an interesting dinner party guest – ‘tis the price we pay

    p.s. no-one can out British THIS British!!

  8. Is a centrist a political position by nature? It seems to me that the actual political stance of a centrist depends on the political climate, spectrum, and issue at hand.

    Centrism is neither an honourable position, nor a petty one. It cannot be a stance taken by anybody on every issue, because every issue is quite different. It takes extreme regularity, or perhaps “mass mentality” to think like the majority on every single issue.

    An extreme centralist is, therefore, one who refuses to think for him-self. Although he investigates to see what the radical opinions flying about are, he refuses to evaluate any of them for their veracity. Instead, he meticulously chooses the middle ground – the ground being fought for by nobody. The opinion which is least controversial, because it is usually non-pragmatic and most similar to the status quo.

    A centrist extremist might also be someone who holds fierecely to the ideal of a competition of positive values (to the exclusion of extremism). As a friend of mine once told me, “No extremist is immune to the bitter attacks of the centrist extremist.”

  9. Yes, centralism is a valid and recognised political position. However, I agree with you that what we call “central” depends fundamentally on the political climate and issue at hand (as does any political position!!).

    Centralism however does not necessitate a middle ground mentality, just the willingness to analyse each political – or in this case strategic – decision without any preconceived political notions, extreme or otherwise. This does, like you said, mean that a person may not, and probably will not hold a centralist stance in all issues, but we are not talking about a general centralist attitude here, we are deciding Menachem’s opinion for him in one particular debate.

    Perhaps an extreme centralist is one whose opinions and affiliations can swing from debate to debate, with his personal ideals lying not with any political movement at all, but on unbiased analysis of each individual scenario.

  10. There’s the whole blue and orange that people are doing now … orange in sympathy of the settlers or anti-disengagement fading into blue, in support of what the government is trying to do, or the decisions it has come to. (read: support of Israel even if you disagree). You can see and link to it from my blog if you’d like. I personally think it’s very appropriate for many of our sentiments, and forthe people who sympathize with both sides but cannot fully identify with either.

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