Where Have I Been?

Around, you know?

To my many many fans, sorry I’ve been lazy. Alot’s going on. My last final is tomorrow morning, and I’ve actually been studying, at the expense of blogging. Also, as mentioned, I’ve been lazy.

Anyways, while studying, I came across what may be the absolute worst metaphor ever published (And I don’t mean one of those stupid “worst metaphor” emails that keep circulating. This was actually published in a book on television media, and I had to read it for this test (which I am, of course, going to fail.).). I just thought I’d share it with you.

From Television and Everyday Life, by Roger Silverstone, page 140:

“…The television audience still seems to emerge in this research rather like plankton floating on the surface of the Gulf Stream and the North Atlantic Drift – alive but entirely impotent to affect the dominant direction of the current. It is part of a food (only in this case a cultural) chain.”

The bizarreness of the metaphor is magnified by the specifics of it. Other than the obvious “why plankton?” question that begs to be asked, why specificity Gulf Stream or North-Atlantic-Drift plankton? Is there a problem with Pacific Coast plankton that inhibits its metaphorical usefulness in the television-as-a-cultural-medium debate?

Oh, the crap I have to read…

Food for Thought

I just found this picture interesting. It’s an Israeli soldier protecting a Palestinian who had been injured by Gush Katif settlers during “clashes.”

Four things to think about when looking at this picture:

1) At last, Western media is coming around, and showing the Israeli army in its true humanitarian form.

2) Western media is simply continuing in its usual perversion of right and wrong, showing only the innocent Palestinians hurt, and none of the Israeli victims.

3) Take a look at the official Reuters caption:

An Israeli soldier protects a wounded Palestinian man during clashes between Jewish settlers and Palestinians near Shirat Hayam settlement, Gush Katif settlements bloc, Gaza Strip, June 29, 2005. Israel arrested several Jewish ultra-rightists in a move aimed at preventing sabotage ahead of an August withdrawal from the occupied Gaza Strip, police said on Wednesday. ISRAEL OUT REUTERS/Gadi Kabalo

First off, this isn’t what we’re supposed to see in the newspaper, it’s just what the photographer scribbled on the back. The newspaper that buys the picture from Reuters will write their own caption, substituting militant for terrorist or ultra-rightist with settler (or terrorist) according to whatever their editorial boardsdecided on. ISRAEL OUT means that the Israeli censor struck out the picture, meaning that you wont see this photo in any Israeli publication. Now why would they do that?

4) Damn, that’s a cool gun. M-16 Flatalone with a new Mars lens. Nice.