Dr. Cox, Terrorist

I find it oddly disconcerting when actors I know from different TV shows pop up in small roles in movies. They actually made a joke about this in Scrubs, in an episode where it’s revealed that Janitor was once a small bit actor, and played the traffic cop who chases after Richard Kimble on the subway in The Fugitive. Of course, the joke was, that the actor who plays Janitor was actually the actor from the movie.

Anyways, Dr. Cox from Scrubs keeps on popping up in different movies that I’ve been seeing lately, and for some reason it bothers me more than the others, possibly because he plays such a specific personality on the TV show, and strays from it so drastically in the movies. In Office Space he plays one of the consultants (Jim and Jim? Jon and Jon? I remember there was some joke like that. I think it was Bill and Bill.) who interview everybody in the office to try to make cuts (I don’t know about you, but I am a HUGE Michael Bolton fan…). He’s also one of the renegade marines in The Rock. He’s one of the first to die; I think Sean Connery’s charactor sets him on fire or something. The thing that bothers me, is guess, is that in the movie he’s so obviously Ed Harris’ flunky, and Dr. Cox is NOBODY’s flunky.

I feel like my blog is losing focus. What do you think?



5 thoughts on “Dr. Cox, Terrorist

  1. could you stomach a movie that has David Schwimmer and courtney cox as lovers? or would that siken you since they are brother and sister (Monica and Ross for the uninformed)

  2. Umm… yeah, it is. Also, it’s Bob and Bob, in Office Space. But, man, why does it bother you? Who cares? He’s an actor. That’s what they do. They play different characters. And… they’re not real.

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