Socket Packet Protocol Justice Socket Packet Rocket!

I finally finished watching 24. What an amazing accomplishment. All four seasons, at the expense of studying, having a life, and on occasion, food and drink.

Why do I watch the show?

Is it the great writing?
(Open me up another socket! We’ve got too many active protocols! You’ve got to trust me! (and repeat).)

Is the the drama?
(Tony: Man, I can’t believe that only this morning Jack and Audry were planning their future together. It’s only noon, and he’s already tortured and killed her husband, and he’s about to torture her brother.
Michelle: I still love you, Tony!
Chloe: Hey, weren’t you guys once married? That’s got to be awkward for you. Well, I just wanted to say that. I’m going to be bickering with Edgar if you need me.)

Maybe it’s the great plotlines.
(Evil Terrorist Ringleader: OK boys, here’s the plan for tomorrow. We blow up a train in order to rob this guy of his suitcase, which has a device that can meltdown nuclear power plants. Then we kidnap the Secratary of State and his daughter to distract the feds while we implement this. All this, however, is only to misdirect their attention so that we can steal a stealth aircraft and shoot down air force one. Once air force one is down, we search through the wreckage and steal the ‘football,’ the suitcase containing the nuclear codes, so that we can steal a nuke, load it onto a preassembled Soviet stealth missile we’ve got in Iowa, and launch it at Los Angeles. Once the nuke goes off, it should trigger the old shoe to hit the marble and make it roll down the stairs, catapulting the old man off the diving board and into the bathtub, where the cage will fall, triumphantly trapping the infidel capitalist American mouse on the cheese square.)

Whatever it was, I’m glad it’s over. Until season Five begins…



8 thoughts on “Socket Packet Protocol Justice Socket Packet Rocket!

  1. 24 is such a great portrayal of reality. It is my favorite show, after desperate housewives. It sure is a good thing we have people like JB protecting us from evil villains. What would we do without them? I love you JB!!!

  2. the first comment on this post was tinablue, she wrote
    ” At least you avoided all the comercials-that would have doubled your time!”
    and then replaced it with
    ” At least you didn’t waste you time watching all the commericals as well.” for some reason. what did you (do you think you) write (wrote)?

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