Ski Jump Jousting

New sport idea: Ski jump jousting. Two ski jump ramps are built, facing each other. Two jumpers, at the same time, jump off in each other’s direction. Each one is holding a long pole, and possibly a shield, but I think the shield may be superfluous (I’ve never actually tried it). They both try to hit each other with the lances, and try to avoid getting hit themselves (or deflecting their opponent’s attack with their shield). You get a point if you land upright and the other tumbles (or is impaled).

Remember folks, you read it here first.


I just saw “Glory” on TV this morning. Interesting movie; much different than when I first saw it as a kid. It features a horribly miscast Matthew Broderick as the colonel commanding a brigade of black troops in the civil war. It also has the guy who played Wesley in the princess bride as his gruff and slightly rebellious in a sort of these-negros’ll-never-learn-to-fight sort of way executive officer. Morgan Freeman and Denzel Washington are cast well, I guess because they’re, well, black. In the end, everybody dies. Also, Darth Vader is Luke Skywalker’s father.

Maybe the only casting mistake worse than Ferris Bueller as a civil war colonel is casting the Incredible Hulk as the leader of a Mossad hit team. Yes, Eric Bana in Munich. The movie absolutely refused to take a stand on any issue, and had no vision whatsoever. I frankly would have preferred it to be far left peacenik than the bland nothing that it was. It was more insulting than anything, in the amateurishness of the assassination squad. And the whole subplot with the anonymous French intelligence company supplying them with information was as non sequteor as the French plantation scene was in the remake of Apocalypse Now. It’ll win an Oscar for editing, though. The editing was really great. Except for the three hours that they forgot to edit and left in the movie. Other than that, really fantastic job. Oh, and Bruce Willis is a ghost.

I’m writing this as Moonraker is on TV. Moonraker was always one of my favorite James Bond movies when I was a kid, but now it really sucks. I do like this Bond girl’s name though. Doctor Goodhead. Perhaps miniskirts aren’t the best clothes to be wearing in space. I never realized how campy the old 007 movies were.

To those of you wondering, my time in America is well spent indeed.