Anti-Social Behavior

So I “forgot” to pay my phone bill when I was back in America, and now my phone doesn’t make outgoing calls or send text messages anymore. It still receives calls, which seems weird to me, but I guess it makes sense, because incoming calls are free anyways, right?

You may ask me, “But Menachem, wait a minute! (or Mendy, depends on when you know me from… or whether or not you want me to kick your ass) Haven’t you been home already for three days?” Excellent question, my friend. Here are some possible answers.

First and most likely: I am a procrastinator, and haven’t yet gotten around to feeling like thinking about possibly paying my bill.

Second: I am cheap. Why should I spend money calling you when you can call me just fine?

Third: It feels great. Honestly, I love it. I haven’t been this disconnected from the world since basic training. People who want to call me, that’s fine and I answer the phone, but I’m not calling anyone, and I haven’t picked up the phone to call anyone since I got back (Except to call America, but that was on the girls’ American line, and I didn’t pay for it, so it doesn’t count.) I can’t even pick up messages. For that matter, I can’t even change my answering machine back from “I’m in America, I’ll be back at the end of the month.” I wonder if I’m losing friends, though. I’ll probably cave by next week, or possibly even before Shabbat. It does feel great, though. What a shame.



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