Capital of Poland Before 1600

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I can’t curl my left fist into the gun shape. You know, the pointer finger extended outward, the thumb up? And every time you “shoot,” you push down the thumb even though that isn’t at all the way a gun shoots? So yeah, that. I can’t do it. I haven’t been able to do it, for as long as I can remember. For some reason, whenever I try, my pinkie finger sticks out, at a ninety degree angle from my hand. Just straight out there, as if without a care in the world. It looks stupid. (My right hand can do it with no problems). If I force the finger down, I can sort of wedge it under the ring finger and have it stay down, but I can’t accomplish it without manual assistance form the other hand.

I can’t think of any possible consequence this may have on my life.

SPECIAL NOTE – I notice that many people reach this post by way of google, because they’re looking for what the capital of poland in 1600 was. You must be dissapointed reaching this page and not getting the answer, so I’ll help you out – The capital of Poland until 1600 was Krakow, and the joke in Calvin and Hobbes is that Suzie asks Calvin during a test, Calvin clearly doesn’t know the answer, but is engrossed in a daydream and accidentally gives her the right answer. This post is about my inability to make the gun gestures that Calvin makes in that strip. Case closed. As thanks, you can click my ads, or buy this great complete collection of Calvin and Hobbes – a must for any fan.



7 thoughts on “Capital of Poland Before 1600

  1. crackow?
    good luck with ur bet with nuffi.
    Although Marlon Brando did look quite frail in that stupid movie we were watching, i also believd that he had few years left in him.
    This time though, i think i side with nuffi – but you never know.

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