Marlon Brando and Lag Ba’omer

A few years ago, I made a bet with a friend of mine over how long Marlon Brando was going to live. My friend said he wasn’t going to last out the year, and I had faith in the Godfather’s health. Brando lived, I won, and the twenty shekel was mine. I got greedy, though, and we went double or nothing for the next year. Sure enough, a couple of months before the end, good old Marlon kicked the bucket, and I lost my hard-earned twenty shekel.

I saw this friend again at a wedding tonight, and we decided to make another bet. This time the subject is me (though thankfully, not in death). I bet him that I could be engaged within a year, and he took that bet without hesitation (actually, his reaction was something like “a year? I’ll take that bet for any period of time…”). His faith in me was somewhat underwhelming. So here I am, without a girlfriend or even prospects on the horizon, with 364 days to go until next year, Lag Ba’omer. Wish me luck.

In other Menachem-related betting news, me and David are still neck and neck in our ongoing 50 shekel Omer-with-a-bracha bet.



9 thoughts on “Marlon Brando and Lag Ba’omer

  1. Menachem: I wish you the best of luck. But I’m surprised u don’t have a g-friend. Here in Israel you approach the best-looking girls and just pretend you don’t speak a word of Hebrew(only English). They buy into that and are yours in no time…That was before I met my wife to be:)

    Good luck and keep prodding me with that hot poker,


  2. irina: actually, we thought of that, and if i get engaged and break it off, i pay a penalty of 100 shek.

    regreg: for some reason, i think tricking a girl by acting stupid wont work for me. if i lie at the very beginning of a relationship wont i have to keep on lying?

  3. Mendy,
    If you find you’re Ba’sherit through this blog the bet’s off. None of this pity marriage crap. How low will you go…
    However we can make this interesting…I suggest a poll on the expected duration of the Menachem woman hunt…. I say 3-4 years and maybe 35-40 dumps any bidders?

  4. Menachem: first off,sorry for blogging on Shabat. Secondly, I wasn’t, nor will you be acting stupid by making it clear you prefe English. When I just came here, I really wasn’t very proficient at Hebrew but I do see your point. Now that you speak fluent Hebrew it would be point-blank lying to pretend you didn’t understand any.

    As a side-note, I think I understand why Israeli girls are as naive as to be immpressed with English. Since the age of Americanization in Israel, it goes without saying that anything “American” goes farther than anything “only” Israeli. Rather sad, don’t you think?

    Shabbat shalom from a heretic.

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