Put Your Lives Where Your Mouth Is

I think that anyone who thinks that Israel needs to be tougher, and fight to the bitter end in Lebanon, no matter what the casualties are, needs to make aliya and join the army themselves.

Alternatively, those who think Israel should cease all military activity and negotiate with the terrorists of Lebanon and Gaza, need to move to Sderot or Nahariya.



11 thoughts on “Put Your Lives Where Your Mouth Is

  1. Ahhh, the Kerry NUANCED approach.

    We shouldn’t kill all the vermin cause the Eurotrash might not like us.

    We should kill some of the vermin cause they are attacking and we can’t have them so blatantly embarrasing us!!

    This from a man (and I use the term very loosely) who apparently can’t tell the difference between a SENTIENT being and an animal.

    Is your contention then, like other lefties, that you are just an animal??

    Maybe that is why the IslamoNazi vermin think it is OK to kill all of you and take your country!!


    You MORON!!!!

  2. Menachem

    This is the variant of the far left chicken hawk line. It was not good when first uttered in the Vietnam era by actual communists or fellow travelers.

    The US did not engage in the proper response back then and we are paying the price today. The proper response should be you like communism so much you loose your citizenship goodbye.

    This is not to say you are a Communist but you are repeating agit prop that was around before you were born.

    The result of our malfeasence is that we are stuck with a cadre of unemployable communist who ruined higher ed. I see college diplomas from all over the world and US Univerisies have more political indoctrination courses then the former Soviet Union or todays mullahocracy.

  3. when I was trudging through the mud in the Vietnamese jungle, smelling the napalm and hunting for Charlie, I knew that this would all lead to islamonazism. The problem is that Kerry is being controlled by the Commies, his main mission is to rid us of the word SENTIENT and change it NUANCED MORON. This is political indoctrination at its worst. If he succeeds, the United States, and Prince Edward Island will turn into another mullahocracy, being run by the far left (and of course Kerry). Point of it all is,

  4. you must be thrilled to hear that according to beakerkin,you are not an anti-semite. I know it must have been tough, living for years in self-doubt, but now you can rest assured, despite your “fanatical” ( read: middle of the road ,leaning to the right) political opinions, you are not according to him a jew-hater. Congratulations!

  5. Mousetrap MZ is a friend but we do not always agree. In real life friends do differ on many things.

    As far as Menachem goes being young does provide an allowance for some youthful mistakes. I do understand patriotic dissent vs seditious dissent. Do note that I have always been able to distinguish a liberal from a Marxist. I dissagree with a policy
    is not the same as aiding and abeting your enemies and foaming at the mouth like Noam Chompsky.

    I understand the entire history of the Chickenhawk bs Menachem just uttered. It has its origins in the Vietnam era and was a big favorite after LBJ how many kids did you kill today. It is a far left insane tactic. My response has been if you like Communism so much defect.

    MZ has a right to his opinions and honestly represents himself.

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