Small Change

In case anyone was wondering (and you know you all were) how much money was in that loose change dish (bucket, really) that’s been sitting on my desk for two years, I just counted. Apparently, that habit I’d developed of throwing my loose change in a dish at the end of every day pays off. 824.45 shek. And that’s not even including the 200 I took out of there to pay for one of the apartment parties. I was kind of hoping it’d hit a thousand, but I’ll take the eight hundred and change. Any ideas on what I should buy?



7 thoughts on “Small Change

  1. I am at a loss of what to say. For years I looked up to you for your stance on change – who needs it. throw it out. What changed?

  2. Menachem,
    off topic,
    I am back from Miluim, (that’s why I didn’t answer you last comment)

    I am in AOL Retention as well – I work the Day shift – in Josh’s new Group – what shift do you work?? whos group??
    we should take this to email – Email me at and we can talk from there.

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