The Knockout Blow

I just bought two closets for my parent’s apartment from somebody they found on Janglo. In a true Salla Shabati moment, the people dropped off the closet in the parking lot, took the money, and left before I realized that I’m going to have to figure out some way to get these monsters up the stairs.

I have a thought on this “victory in points,” that we just scored in Lebanon. If I were to fight Mike Tyson in the ring, last 15 rounds, but lose to him “on points,” I would consider that a victory, even if, technically, I was the loser. (How lame was that at the end of Cinderella Man where he wins the fight on points? They should have deviated from the true story. Who wants to watch a boxing movie wher somebody doesn’t go down?) I also don’t think Mike Tyson would run around bragging about how he beat me in a victory on points. Though honestly, I would just be thankful he didn’t go to town on my ear.

So what we have here is essentially a draw, but in a fight where Israel needed a win to win, and Hizbullah just needed to avoid the loss. In that sense, we lost. Even if, really, we won. It’s complicated.



6 thoughts on “The Knockout Blow

  1. obviously. how else would i be blogging? i’ve been kind of brain-dead lately, bloggin-wise. i’m only blogging myself every 2 weeks, and i don’t even read other blogs so often anymore. think of me as like the ariel sharon of blogging.

  2. Iv;e seen ppl blog when they are dead – or brain dead – wanted where you are in the AOL MRM – what shift do you work?? where do you sit??

    I gave you my Email address drop me a line sometime

  3. Why do you say we “lost”? And why do others say we “won”? Words like ‘won’ and ‘lost’ obscure the real issues that we cared about. Winning and losing is for games, like boxing.

    For example, we fought, by all accounts, inefficiently, with logistic screwups (I’m not sure if that happens all the time, in every army, or not), and insufficient planning. We also got a wake-up call that we need to fix those points in the army – the regrettable tragedy of 124 deaths aside, this conflict was a vaccine.

    Our image of being invincible has been brought back to Earth. However, the Hezbollah-Lebanon-Israel conflict has now been internationalized – it’s no longer our problem alone, and Iran’s obvious hand in the matter has brought our precarious situation to the stage of world politics.

    In short, you only say “win” or “lose” for cute sound bites, but in a blog, explain the complication.

    But you have a job, right…

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