Downward Trends

This is what happens when you quit blogging for two years:

I blame Facebook. Whenever I have a thought or a comment to make, it just goes to Facebook, to somebody’s wall, or a comment on a picture, or a note, instead of the blog.

Well, I supposed I’d better update everybody to my life. Sarah and I are having a baby in about another month and a half. Actually, I guess I haven’t updated this blog in even longer than that. I got married! To Sarah Gold! (Now Pritzker). Life’s pretty cool – I’m working for Re/Max in what may be the worst real estate market since Pompeii exploded, and we’re living in Katamon.

Back to Facebook, what do people suggest I do? I could delete my account altogether (Something I really really do not want to do, not the least of reasons because of all the pictures I store there), I could change the password to something I’ll never remember, rendering the account inaccessible (Something I accidentally did to my AIM account), or I could just not do anything, and let Facebook continue to suck the life out of me (Something I’ll probably end up doing).



2 thoughts on “Downward Trends

  1. the answer is to let social networking take over your life.

    welcome to the new reality.

    this is what i do: post only status at facebook, musings on my blog, and photos on both facebook and dropshots, and occasionally on my blog. events are all done through facebook, which is probably why our count for sat night’s party is a little low.

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