Is it finally over?

I just got off the phone with Bar Ilan, trying to work this out, and it’s still not worked out.

The Bar Ilan English department has this stupid thing called a B.A. exam, with very simple “See Spot run. Run Spot run” type questions, and, while there are no credits for it, you need to get a 60 on it in order to get your degree. I think the reason for it was that the English Department got burned too many times by Israelis who manage to get an A in Comparative Literature or write papers for Advanced Shakespeare, yet still not manage to be able to speak a word of English. Don’t ask.

I’ve been out of the country the last few times it was offered, or missed the deadline for registering for it for various reasons I won’t get into, but I’ve reached the point now where my not having taken it is the only thing holding me back from graduating (That, and a professor who still hasn’t graded a paper I turned in four months ago). So in order to take it now, I had to register with the status department (statoose) to register for a course not as a student, get special permission from the department, pay 10% of tuition for the pleasure, pay a fee-paying fee, pay a late fee for the fee-paying fee, and whatever else I don’t even remember anymore. It cost me something like 1500 shekels to register for this, and they told me to come back on January 4th to take the test.

So now January 4th is just around the corner, and I figured I’d be a little proactive and call the department to find out what time on January 4th the test is going to be, because the Bar Ilan website refuses to tell me. The Bar Ilan website is so screwed up that it refuses to even acknowledge that such an exam exists. Of course, when I call, they tell me that the B.A. exam has been cancelled (meaning that the website isn’t so screwed up after all – Bar Ilan University is screwed up), and that it is no longer required for graduation, and that they sent out a cancellation notice to everybody who was registered for it two months ago (If this is correct, then it was about a week after I registered for it). Except, it seems, to me.

So here I am, seemingly graduated retroactively two months ago on a technicality, assuming that I eventually pass on the paper I turned in four months ago for a Spring 2007 course. Mazal Tov to me?

Also, whatever happened to my money?



8 thoughts on “Is it finally over?

  1. Mazel tov to you. Only 15 years for this BA? And if you’ve waited this long to have a graduation party, perhaps you can wait a little longer…like until I come for another visit? :)

  2. And so it would seem that all Jewish schools, no matter the level of education, are run in a screwed up way. What’s that? I’m missing the main point and the bigger picture? Oh, yea. Congratulations!

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