Downward Trends

This is what happens when you quit blogging for two years:

I blame Facebook. Whenever I have a thought or a comment to make, it just goes to Facebook, to somebody’s wall, or a comment on a picture, or a note, instead of the blog.

Well, I supposed I’d better update everybody to my life. Sarah and I are having a baby in about another month and a half. Actually, I guess I haven’t updated this blog in even longer than that. I got married! To Sarah Gold! (Now Pritzker). Life’s pretty cool – I’m working for Re/Max in what may be the worst real estate market since Pompeii exploded, and we’re living in Katamon.

Back to Facebook, what do people suggest I do? I could delete my account altogether (Something I really really do not want to do, not the least of reasons because of all the pictures I store there), I could change the password to something I’ll never remember, rendering the account inaccessible (Something I accidentally did to my AIM account), or I could just not do anything, and let Facebook continue to suck the life out of me (Something I’ll probably end up doing).